Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Game Plan

ISTE has provided standards for teachers. I have chosen two NETS goals provided on the ISTE site, to guide my game plan. The first NETS standard that I want to set for myself is to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity (NETS 2008). When students are self-motivated, they tend to be more engaged in their learning. Creative thinkers are self-motivated and directed in solving problems and using technology (Cennamo K., 2010). When teachers allow learning environments that foster creativity, goal setting, and clear objectives, while using technology, students will learn and grow in that environment. “Students are expected to make choices based on learning goals and self-monitoring of problem-solving processes.” (Cennamo, K., Ross, J. & Ertmer, P. pg. 27).

One way I strive to reach my goal is by allowing my student opportunities to do creative projects with books, Social Studies, and Science. In Social Studies, my students have a creative project in which they have choice. They are allowed to create PowerPoint presentations, a map, or perhaps a model of the ship their Explorer traveled on their quest for the American continents, or any other creative idea that shows their learning. Students like having options and choices. I want to allow my students more opportunities to create projects and let them choose their own topics. I need to have student conferences so I can monitor my student’s progress. I am a self-reflective person and evaluate my progress on a continual basis. I will evaluate my progress by the feedback of my students and their in feedback of their projects.

The second NETS standard I want to develop is Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments. I have loved learning about blogs, wikis, podcasts, webcasts, voice threads, and screen casts at Walden. I want have already implemented podcasts into my Social Studies curriculum. I want to implement blogs into my curriculum. I am working with my district IT person in trying to collaborate and find ways to safely implement the blogs into my curriculum. I feel it is important to implement blogs because blogs are highly motivating to students, especially those who otherwise might not become participants in classrooms. Blogs provide excellent opportunities for students to read and write; effective forums for collaboration and discussion; and blogs provide powerful tools that enable instruction to be scaffolded (Elizabeth, 2010). I will continually monitor my progress by setting monthly goals for my success. I will work with district technology specialists to help me in my goal. I know that if I am accountable to others, that I will more likely be successful in my goal setting to become a better practitioner and professional. I will evaluate if I am successful by looking at my students and their successes in the learning process and their engagement in the tasks at hand.

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  1. A great alternative to PowerPoint is or There are many more options out there, but to me, those two are the most user-friendly. SlideRocket is set up just like a PowerPoint, but uses Cloud computing so as long as you have an internet connection you can work on your SlideRocket. That same goes for Prezi; you can store your presentations within your account and work on them anywhere. You can also embed or share both which is convenient if you have a class website or want to email the parents the projects their students are doing.

    Allie Holland

    1. I looked at's website. It looks cool. I will have to try importing some of my existing presentations in their and see how it works. I like that you can email student projects to parents. Great idea!

  2. Providing a learning environment that involves the input of your students will create an environment that promotes self-directed learning. Confident teachers use their knowledge to facilitate engaging, self-directed learning that encompasses the content area. (Ertmer, Laureate, 2010)
    Self-reflective practices will allow you to monitor student achievement and modify accordingly.

    Cathy B.